Lets keyboard play music while typing!

Adjustable Music Effect;
Very Easy to Use;
Saves Settings Automatically.

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assign which note each key plays

This is actually two ideas. 1) User can assign notes to each key. 2) User can change tuning systems... for example, a pentatonic scale (pelog or sulendro) instead of our western, 12-note-per-octave scale.
Laura, 30.01.2019, 10:57
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Put the notes in sequence, across the keys.

On a keyboard, "qwerty" as an example, put the notes-do re me fa so la ect. Then, one could actually play music, and not just hear the sounds in an erratic manner. Fun though, as is.
Judi Podgurski, 30.01.2019, 14:01
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set a delay time before next note is played

Too easy to get note repeated because a key is held down too long. Should be a able to set a minimum time (in milliseconds) before a note can be repeated.
Dave Thorson, 31.01.2019, 02:41
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Have same notes on multiple keys - more musical

Every key that makes a note, makes a different note. I'd like to see an option to limit the sounds to a number of notes. For example 12 or 24 (or 8 or 16 if only playing notes in major scale). Would be cool to set starting octave as well....
Dave Thorson, 31.01.2019, 02:46
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Have option to skip sounds for Shift, Ctrl, Alt...

The modifier keys (Shift, Control, Alt, Win, and Context menu) are typically held down with other notes, yet rarely harmonize well. I'd like to turn these keys off. Arrow keys, Delete, Insert and Backspace are others where you tend to hit the...
Dave Thorson, 31.01.2019, 02:50
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Have the options work.

1. When I change to a sound, like Cello, the notes never shut off. This is pointless because after several keypresses, the sound is pure noise and the ONLY way to shut if off is to switch between MIDI Mapper and Wavetable Synth. 2. When I...
Dave Thorson, 31.01.2019, 02:58